Presenting Finistèrian heritage and museums!

The departmental network of museums and heritage sites is an innovative cooperation between 33 museums and cultural sites, initiated and supported by the General Council of Finistère.

To create a true synergy between cultural stakeholders in the department and to ensure a high-quality cultural offering which is accessible to all: such is ambition of the elected members of the Departmental Assembly to promote the development of all Finistèrians and all those visiting our region.

Every one of these 33 stakeholders offers you a genuine cultural passport in which you will find endless ideas for discovering and re-discovering emblematic collections and locations, which are often little known, at preferential rates.

Through this partnership, the General Council supports its department and population, contributing to the quality of the cultural offering, the conservation of heritage and the attractiveness of the region.

We invite you to become ambassadors for Finistère and to share in its cultural wealth, in the spirit of the solidarity and openness that inspires us.

Enjoy your visit to the museums and heritage sites of Finistère!


Nathalie Sarrabezolles
President of the General Council of Finistère